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Industrial Vacuum Systems

Odour Suppression with Minimal Water

Our MINIAT® Mobile rotary atomisers  provide significant odour suppression when leaks or spillages occur and for waste recycling facilities and waste water treatment plants. They can be deployed easily and rapidly.

DUSTELIM Foam Stops the Dust Uprising

Fogging Line Odour Suppression

High pressure fogging lines provide the most effective method of odour suppression for boundary lines and tight locations.

JetBlack Safety Personnel De-Dusting

Vapour Deodorising Solutions

The best solution for deodorising bad odours in any industry. Dry vapour, as it has similar properties to the gas it is treating, ensures maximum contact time for active chemistry to take place. This system can be used successfully for indoor and outdoor applications.

Industrial Vacuum Systems

Deodorising Liquids

We supply a complete range of deodorising liquids to complement our range of solutions. Scented and unscented , vaporising  liquid and odour suppression liquid additive to suit any application. 

DUSTELIM Foam Stops the Dust Uprising

Air and Surface Deodorising

Treat odours in the air and on indoor surfaces at the same time. This method of odour control does not interrupt workflow.

The Simplest Monitoring Solution

Acrulog™ is dedicated to working with utilities to overcome the challenges  experienced with monitoring in harsh  conditions, and has developed a wide variety of methods to overcome these challenges.

Vent Odour Filters

The filters are designed to operate passively or with wind assisted fans, no water or power is required to operate efficiently.
They can be adapted to fit most venting situations and are easily and quickly installed.

Rain Guns

Ground Mount Filters

Our combined media filters absorb and treat the noxious gases in sewerage networks – there is no longer a need to work from heights, cranes or cherry pickers increasing site safety.

Fogging Lines contain dust

ZC Odour Filtration

The ZC-Filters achieve up to 99.9% hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas removal through adsorption, absorption and conversion of gaseous compounds.
These systems can operated passively or with active extraction depending on the application.

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