Ground Mount Filters

Ground Mount FilteRS


  • Effective Adsorption & oxidation of odours
  • A preferred replacement for old corroded vent poles
  • Easy installation and safe servicing at ground level
  • Suitability for commercial scale odour problems
  • Will last many years in harsh environments
  • Combined media longer life compared to standard carbon filters
  • Robust, vandal proof and compact construction
  • Size Range to suit all sites
  • Can be adapted to any pipe size

Ground Mount Odour Filters improve on site safety, maintenance and expenditure as all servicing is carried out at ground level – there is no longer a need to work from heights, cranes or cherry pickers.
The Ground Mount Filters use our combined media filtration method incorporating our specially formulated media cartridges, activated carbon and natural minerals to absorb and treat the noxious gases in sewerage networks.

They are suitable for commercial scale odour problems with low operating and  maintenance costs.  Robust and vandal proof they will last many years exposed to  harsh environments.

Efficiently treating hydrogen sulfide at gaseous stage. A mixed medial passive filter unit which does not require power or water. Fast and easy to install and safe to service in the future.


Activated Carbon mixed media filters produce continuous success with ONLY clean air being released back into the atmosphere.

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